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BR560_FE has built in grill fence underneath the arm.BR560_FE eliminate the possibility of pedestrian gaining unauthorized access by crawling under the barrier arm. Therefore BR560_FE can effectively control access of vehicle and pedestrian at the same time to achieve higher security level.




barrier-gate-(fence)-feat1 barrier-gate-(fence)-feat2 barrier-gate-(fence)-feat3



Suitable for outdoor as well as indoor parking area at airport, shopping mall, warehouse, hotel, factories, condominium, car rental company, etc. Can also be customized to be used together with any auto-pay or ticketing parking system.


  • Intelligent. No limit switch – smart processor auto-detects open and close position for higher accuracy. Combination of unique lever design and smart motor control allow swift arm movement that reduces bouncing at end position.
  • Heavy duty. AC motor is stronger and maintenance free (no need to change carbon). Compressed counter balance spring avoid possibility of spring over-stressed and break due to high volume continuous open/close cycle.
  • Safe. Additional photo beam and traffic light (red & green) can be added to further enhance safety. Built-in MCB to protect against any electric hazard.
  • Durable. Sturdy and strong housing (2.5 mm thickness mild steel). Housing is polished, phosphorized and further finished with plastic coating to ensure long lasting bright colors.
  • Secure.  All internal parts inside housing is protected by cam lock to avoid tampering.
  • User friendly. Clutch can be conveniently released without opening casing. Arm can be easily lifted or closed by hand after clutch is released. More intuitive control – 3 separate input for arm up, stop and down.



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