Our team can provide expert technical advice and design a Vehicle Access Control system that is tailored to your specific needs.


We have a dedicated team of seasoned technical support professionals that will be dispatched to the customer’s location to set up and test the Vehicle Access Control solution deployment.


Technical maintenance programme that is scheduled to guarantee that the equipment is kept in good working order.

Barrier Gate

DLA Engineering Services as one of the leading barrier gate supplier in Malaysia, we can provide you with amazing barrier gates of high quality for various purposes. We have various types of barrier gates for different purposes, we have MAG Barrier Gate, Ranger Magnetic controller, barrier gate accessories and many more. All of our gates are made of durable material and is very reliable.

MAG Telescopic Arm Barrier Gate

MAG telescope arm barrier gate is an affordable and reliable entrance-restricting mechanism. It is typically installed alongside an access control reader. This type of barrier gate is typically installed at an entrance to restrict unauthorized vehicle entry into a restricted compound/area. The MAG Telescope Barrier Gate utilizes a telescopic arm with a swing-out function to stop approaching vehicles. The arm will only open with authorized verification from the control system.

MAG Folding Arm Barrier Gate

MAG folding arm barrier gate uses the same concept but a different mechanism from the MAG Telescope Arm Barrier Gate. One of the most reliable barrier gate that is typically installed at basement entrances. Usually installed with a ticketing or an access control reader for vehicle entry. It utilizes a 90˚ folding arm that is perfect for a basement as it accommodates low height basement ceiling.

MAG Fence Arm Barrier Gate

MAG fence barrier gate is installed at entrances alongside an access control reader. The arm barrier gate has a built-in grill fence underneath the arm that prevents vehicles from going through and pedestrians from going underneath the barrier arm. The barrier gate achieves a high-security functionality through this mechanism.


As one of the leading turnstile supplier in Malaysia, DLA Engineering Services provides reliable turnstiles for different purposes. We have various different kinds of turnstiles such as the Flap Barrier Turnstile, Swing Barrier Turnstile, Full Height Turnstile and Tripod Turnstile.

Flap Barrier Turnstile

The flap barrier turnstile gate system is designed to control pedestrian access into a building. The flap barrier allows for a wider opening perfect for pedestrians to pass through with any big baggage. The barrier is completely affordable for a pedestrian gate solution. The flap turnstile barrier gate can be installed with an RFID card reader or a biometric fingerprint reader for maximum security and efficiency for pedestrian access into a building.

Full Height Turnstile

A full height turnstile that is designed for a maximum-security solution to places that requires proper access control. Typically installed at the outer building entrance of a building alongside an access control reader. The full height turnstile features a tall cage that prevents any pedestrian visitor from climbing over or crawling under the turnstile. One of the most secure types of turnstiles out there.

Swing Barrier Turnstile

The swing barrier turnstile is made specifically for pedestrian access into a building. Made to allow a wide entrance for visitors with big baggage or an alternative for a handicap lane. The turnstile can be integrated with a third-party access control system, like an RFID card reader, fingerprint and biometric device.

Tripod Turnstile

The tripod turnstile is both compact and elegant. The turnstile provides low-security deterrent solutions that are straightforward and effective in controlling large volumes of people daily in a supervised environment. With an RFID card reader or a biometric fingerprint reader that can be integrated with the turnstile for better security. We offer both semi-auto tripod turnstile and economical tripod turnstile. The gate is perfect for indoor places such as gymnasium, hotels, airports, etc.