Benefits of Securing with Turnstiles

Turnstile regulates entry, into and out of a building. It is the foundation of entrance security for a building. It can restrict and allow access to visitors, it also controls how many people can pass through them at a time. It could be used both on visitors or vehicles as long as they have the proper credentials to enter. With turnstiles, the need for manpower security would decrease. Your building is going to have much better security with turnstiles.



Turnstiles can provide you with better and well-rounded security. They can improve your security
by detecting and restricting unauthorized access. The security system works perfectly at stopping tailgaters and unauthorized visitors. The turnstile can be controlled automatically as it blocks visitors without proper entry credentials. Some turnstiles even adapted enhanced detection feature into their turnstile where tailgating and forced entry will trigger an alarm.



They provide you with a proper access control integration. Turnstiles are known to be easily integrated with the building’s access control system. It also provides the personals with security data regarding the identities, time and location of each visitor that goes through the building. With it being integrated together, the turnstile and access control system can work in unison for security purposes.



If you value access control, the flap barrier is amazing as it detects and prevents unauthorized entries. “Tailgater” will be denied effectively from entering the premises with this barrier. Flap barriers can be integrated with other access control systems on the premise. The barrier also provides compatibility with any type of reader, allow visitors and residents to access using various kinds of media



Swing barriers are simple and easy to use, the personnel can learn how to operate with just simple training. Not only that but it uses advanced technology. It doesn’t take a lot of money for maintenance. It also has multiple uses as in many ways to enter (QR code, ID card, face recognition and etc), and the turnstile can be expanded easily due to its wireless communication mode.



Full height turnstiles are rugged build for maximum security, and due to its rugged build of being composed of strong steel arms that are attached to a rotating center post from floor-to-ceiling and it is impossible to breach, it is perfect for outdoor use and heavy security. It provides bi-directional access control for you to allow access in exiting or entering an area. It does not cost a lot as it is a Mid-range cost turnstile gate.



The tripod turnstile brings both speed and proper security at a premise’s entry and exit. Tripod turnstile is much more reliable than your typical turnstile. The mechanism works by allowing personnel to enter the premise after a proper verification through the access control module. It is perfect for various different types of locations and it can be bi-directional or uni-directional.


What is a turnstile?

A turnstile is a gate that regulates entry into a designated building. Most turnstile gates use low power to work and are used for entryway security as it can be programmed to only allow access to those who have the proper credentials.

How do turnstiles work?

The turnstile gate works by allowing one person at a time to pass through the entrance. The purpose of turnstiles is to crowd control the flow of people or to restrict access to those who don’t have access to the premises.

What is a full-height turnstile?

Full height turnstiles are a floor to ceiling type of turnstile, providing maximum security for the premise as it makes it impossible for intruders to be able to crawl under or climb over the turnstile.

What is the purpose of a turnstile?

The purpose of turnstile gates is to only allow direction from one direction. Turnstiles can control the flow of people traffic by only allowing one person to pass through the entrance at a time and allowing access to certain people, for example, only allowing access for staff members.

How many types of turnstiles are there?

There are many different versions and types of turnstiles, these 5 are the main ones that are often used for building premises. There are speed gates, flap turnstiles, full height turnstiles, swing turnstiles and tripod turnstiles, for all are used for their own unique features.

What is a tripod turnstile?

A tripod turnstile is a combination of optical sensors and a tripod arm barrier. These arms are rotated vertically allowing authorised individuals to pass through. It also only allows one person at a time to pass through. It’s typically used in train stations, airports and bus stations.


As one of the leading turnstile supplier in Malaysia, DLA Engineering Services provides reliable turnstiles for different purposes. We have various different kinds of turnstiles such as the Flap Barrier Turnstile, Swing Barrier Turnstile, Full Height Turnstile and Tripod Turnstile.

Flap Barrier Turnstile

The flap barrier turnstile gate system is designed to control pedestrian access into a building. The flap barrier allows for a wider opening perfect for pedestrians to pass through with any big baggage. The barrier is completely affordable for a pedestrian gate solution. The flap turnstile barrier gate can be installed with an RFID card reader or a biometric fingerprint reader for maximum security and efficiency for pedestrian access into a building.

Full Height Turnstile

A full height turnstile that is designed for a maximum-security solution to places that requires proper access control. Typically installed at the outer building entrance of a building alongside an access control reader. The full height turnstile features a tall cage that prevents any pedestrian visitor from climbing over or crawling under the turnstile. One of the most secure types of turnstiles out there.

Swing Barrier Turnstile

The swing barrier turnstile is made specifically for pedestrian access into a building. Made to allow a wide entrance for visitors with big baggage or an alternative for a handicap lane. The turnstile can be integrated with a third-party access control system, like an RFID card reader, fingerprint and biometric device.

Tripod Turnstile

The tripod turnstile is both compact and elegant. The turnstile provides low-security deterrent solutions that are straightforward and effective in controlling large volumes of people daily in a supervised environment. With an RFID card reader or a biometric fingerprint reader that can be integrated with the turnstile for better security. We offer both semi-auto tripod turnstile and economical tripod turnstile. The gate is perfect for indoor places such as gymnasium, hotels, airports, etc.