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What is a barrier gate?

Barrier gate is a security hardware that is typically used to control the inflow and outflow of vehicles into a premise. This hardware is typically used for parking lots, guarded residential areas, shopping centres, warehouses and etc.

How does a barrier gate work?

The barrier gate consists of a pole that connects vertically to a huge motor box. The pole barricades the car from entering a premise unless if authenticated and verified by authorities, the pole shall rise up to create an opening for the vehicle to enter the premise.

Why is it called a barrier gate?

It is called a barrier gate because it uses a boom to block vehicles or pedestrians from entering a controlled premise.

How many types of barrier gates are there?

There are three different types of barrier gates; straight arm barrier, folding barrier and fence barrier. The differentiation for these types of barrier gates typically depends on the site’s condition and whether client is seeking for automatic or manual system.

What is an RFID-integrated barrier gate?

RFID is a long-ranged reader access system. Pair it with the barrier gate system, it is known as RFID-integrated automatic barrier gate system. This is when the RFID reader is placed within the vicinity of the barrier gate at the entrance of a site. As a car enters the premise, the RFID tag that is provided to the vehicle’s owner would act as a gateway to either provide entry/to restrict entry to the vehicle.

Why is the barrier gate required?

Barrier gates are used to secure the entry points of a premise and regulate vehicle entry. On top of providing an extra layer of security, it also prevents unauthorised visitors and vehicles from entering the premise

Barrier Gate

Barrier gates are one of the most forefront systems to enable/restrict unauthorized entries of vehicles within the premises of a site. It is typically installed alongside the guard house to control flow of traffic into the premise. DLA Engineering supplies and installs a wide range of barrier gates which include telescopic arm barrier gate, folding arm barrier gate and also fence arm barrier gate.

Access Control System

Access Control Systems control the inflow and outflow of residents. It is usually paired with security hardwares such as barrier gates, electromagnetic-functioned doors, turnstiles and also lifts. DLA Engineering offers multiple types of access control systems such as the card systems, RFID systems, Facial Recognition systems and also Automated Number Plate Recognition Systems (ANPR).


CCTV systems allow management to have a full outlook of the site’s premises. Depending on the locations of the CCTV, management will get full access to overlook the overall traffic of the people that are within the premises of the site. DLA Engineering provides Dahua, HIKVision and various other brands of CCTVs.


Wooyoo is a residential application that allows residents/tenants to pay for their management fees, sinking funds, electric bills, water bills and various other fees. Wooyoo also specializes in allowing the convenience of the residents to make bookings for facilities, raise e-complaints via the app, register their own visitors and various other functions.