What We Do

We provide total security solutions for gated & guarded community, condominium and commercial building.

CCTV & Surveillance

We have very in-depth knowledge of CCTV equipment and the proposals and advice we give is totally impartial and tailored to your requirements.

Barrier Gate System

Access control systems replace the common key. They will control who goes where on your premises and record when someone is on site. Commonly used for commercial, industrial, and residential vehicular access.

JVA Electric Fence

An Electric Fence is a barrier that uses electric shocks to deter people from crossing a boundary. It is frequently used to enhance the security of sensitive areas such as military installations, and other security sensitive areas. Today, electric fences can be used for property fencing to prevent break-ins.


Card & Biomatrix
Access System

We are able to provide total access control and attendance system with our combined experience designing, installing and maintaining access control systems.

Company Overview

DLA Engineering Services Sdn Bhd is a customer oriented company to provide a total solution for security equipment industry. Started from a security equipment to full range solution provider included Analog solution, IP solution and Fibre Optic accessories which applicable on our solutions.

Our Strength

Customer oriented company to provide a total solution for security equipment industry.

Mission and Values

Most efficient and rapid growing company to cotinuing offer good quality of security products & technical supports.

Malaysia's Leading Security Technologist - Barrier Gate Supplier in Malaysia

Our company offers engineering services that are customer oriented in order to provide full solutions for the security equipment industry especially Automatic Barrier Gate can be easily integrated with a car parking access control system or ticketing system whereby the arm will only be lifted upon verification from the control system in order to grant access.
Besides, Dlaeng also delivering best-in-class products of CCTV, Security, System, Door Access System, Alarm System, Biometric System and Audio/Video Intercom system that exceeding customers' expectations through superior service delivery.

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